„Generously holding space for the unimaginable“ Kristin Bjork Kristjansdottir _composer, musician_ Give Peace A Chance _ Stocksseyri/Iceland 2.5.2023


Generously holding space for the unimaginable
In awe of high frequency spirits united in gentle faith
Vocation as devotion
Earthly grace in good natures

Promising beginning, an
Ending serves as an opening, sometimes
Alchemy for the heart
Cares be soothed in playful stillness
Elegant floor killer shaking all woes away

At home together is a place

Confidently leave a light on for love
Holy enthusiasm bless
Apathetic gremlin holiday turns into bliss
Nocturnal creature courage walks at night
Chameleon softie forgiver pioneer of love
Empathy and kindness in action is our radiopia

Kristin Bjork Kristjansdottir, 22.4.2023

Thank you for inviting me to write this. I got a little playful and meditated for 40 minutes before writing and then I did my best to write fast, more or less the first thing that came to mind. But I made myself the rule that each line would include a title of one of my songs. And then proceeded to make a playlist with these 16 songs which you are welcome to share if you like or just enjoy.

Kristin Bjork Kristjansdottir _composer, musician, regisseurin, visual artist.

Give Peace A Chance_Akrostichon for peace:

Kristin Bjork Kristjansdottir _composer, musician, regisseurin, visual artist.


Foto _ Hakon Palsson

Walter Pobaschnig _ 22.4.2023


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