„Let us snow roses in the field of this desolate world“ Mohamed Khalfouf, poet _ Give Peace A Chance _ Morroco 28.12.2022


To the ukrainian poetess  I.K.

Let us snow roses in the field of this desolate world,

Let’s stop this damned war…

Nobody wants this war,

Nobody wants to fall down Donetsk or Kyiv

Nobody wants war, tanks, missiles, or casualties…

Nobody … nobody…

Little girl in Dunstik:

I think of how scared you are,

how you cry every day,

Who tells you bedtime stories?

Who plays the piano for you?

Oh little princess !

How cruel and dark this world is!

War is a savage, ruthless creature.

 does not believe in love and peace,

 doesn’t read poetry or hear songs…

The wolf eats the sheep at the end of our story…

I watch TV every day

I receive hot news through tongues about Ukraine

I pray for you, I pray for Ukraine:

Oh my God protect my princess!

Oh my God keep the war away from the good people of Ukraine!

Oh my God, why don’t our prayers reach you?!

I want to write a poem about war:

But I can’t,

My poetry is unable to stop the war

We can’t stop this war…

Nobody wants pure winter snow

To be contaminated with the rotten blood of war…

let the war fall

Mohamed Khalfouf , 13.12.2022

Mohamed Khalfouf, poet

Give Peace A Chance_Akrostichon for peace:

Mohamed Khalfouf, poet

Zur Person_ Mohamed Khalfouf, Moroccan writer. Born in 1997 in Khouribga. Graduated from the Faculty of Arts, Department of Arabic Language, Fez. Master’s student in women’s writing at the Faculty of Arts, Tetouan. Short story writer and translator. My stories, poems and translations have been published in many cultural arabic and international platforms. My texts have been translated into different languages: Hebrew, Georgian, German, Belarusian, Persian, Greek, Italian, Polish…Winner of the comic story award for Sayidaty magazine. Winner of the Story Award for Nomadic Literature Festival.


Walter Pobaschnig _ 14.12.2022.


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