„Guy, is your uniform so engaging“ Yanka Smetanina, Künstlerin _ Give Peace A Chance _ Berlin/Moskau 8.12.2022


Guy, is your uniform so engaging.

It makes you look solid and nigh like a hero.

Valour in every line and crease,

Expressive look, but doubts are not zero.

Put your hand on your heart and remember

Every moment of your childhood. Why did you come into this world?

And now? What has changed since then that has kept you from

Coming to your dreams? Are you tired of chasing them, not  enough bold?

Еven if the symbols and attributes became more expensive,

Agree, there’s still something left that’s valuable to you.

Could you imagine when you were five; to take up arms and kill?

How could you do it can you imagine? really kill, could you?

Air gets stuck in my lungs when I imagine it, i won’t do it.

Now you. Of course, it’s more difficult, you’re already in form.

Can’t say I for sure, but I’d like to believe it,

Everyone  and you too can just leave their military dorm.

Yanka Smetanina, 5.12.2022

Yanka Smetanina, Künstlerin

Give Peace A Chance_Akrostichon for peace:

Yanka Smetanina, Künstlerin



Walter Pobaschnig _ 5.12.2022.


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