„Give me a moment to realize…“ Larissa Tomassetti, Künstlerin _ Give Peace A Chance _ Gmünd/Ktn. 19.6.2022


Give me a moment to realize…

I had no idea something like that could happen again

Veeringly I am watching the war from outside

Everything seems like an unreal nightmare

Please let this cruelty end soon

Every life saved counts

Away with all these destructive acts

Can this world finally get better?

Every day new children are born

A wonderful fact that gives hope

Can we give peace a chance?

How real is the chance to save our planet?

Are we able to tame our egoism?

Nature is a wonder that needs to be protected

Can we finally let love rule?

Even if it’s a naive dream?

Larissa Tomassetti, 14.6.2022

„cohesive orbit”

Larissa Tomassetti “DS cohesive orbit”, Dynamic Stills-series 2021

Chaos and order determine our universe, everything seems to pulsate and constantly change. The circle holds the torn shapes together and resembles a black orbit that brings movement to rest


The series of works “cohesive orbit” shows how fragile our world is. There are many levels, insights and outlooks, color tones, fractures, shadings or networks, all of which form a large, fragile whole. Space and time meet, overlap and determine each other. Everything is in dynamic motion and at the same time seems to stand still or keep returning. Cycles determine our existence, the life on our planet, every action has an impact, everything seems to be an interdependent part of a large „cohesive orbit“.

Formal analysis:

The first impression shows a fragile circle that holds together but seems fragile. The work consists of several levels that flow into each other, the foreground, middle and background show connecting lines. The vertical stripes add rhythm to the painting and create a flickering effect. the indicated circle seems to hold everything together, resulting in a cohesive unit. The colors are reminiscent of our earth seen from the universe. It reflects a golden light but the gold layer seems to be crumbling.


A mixed technique of acrylic and oil painting is used in this work. Several layers of paint are applied one after the other and then removed again. The vertical stripes are created using a decollage technique.

Larissa Tomassetti, Künstlerin

Give Peace A Chance_Akrostichon for peace:

Larissa Tomassetti, Künstlerin


Fotos_Larissa Tomassetti

Walter Pobaschnig _ 14.6.2022.


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