„to be grateful as much as we can and to face new things with an open heart“ Nurie Emrullai, poet _ Kichevo/North Macedonia 25.12.2021

Dear Nurie, what`s your routine at the moment?

Most people try to escape from the routine of everyday life. But, you can’t. Suddenly you find yourself in a routine of living, work, even in the basic conversations. At first, I was scared and trying to get out of that, because I thought life would be boring and I would get used to everything and become a boring person too. But as years go by and I still listen to same music for years, talking about different subjects with the same people, and I see that this helps me for my writing process, because at these moments I discover the things that we are used with them, because they happen everyday- but the essence of the movements is there.- My routine at the moment is- waking up, drinking a big cup of coffee (like Bob Dylan’s song), teaching language and literature to the children, listening to music, walking in nature, reading and writing mostly all my time…

Nurie Emrullai, poet,

What`s now particularly important for all of us?

The important thing for all of us is to be awake and conscience for gifts that are given to us. By being awake we choose what is important for us, we reflect and we start to not be selfish. By not being selfish, we start to love everything that we are surrounded by. By loving everything we love ourselves. By all this we can scream out loud our name with no fear and we are at peace with ourselves. 

New start, new beginning. What will be essential and which roles will literature and art play?

Everyday for us the life we live and the days that pass are all new beginnings and new opportunities. The essential of life is to be with time when things happen, to be grateful as much as we can and to face new things with an open heart. I think literature is playing a big role in everyone’s life, why so? Because it gives us new layers of life, new experiences and thoughts from the other perspective. Most of the time literature, and art in general, saves us from the monotony, from the world where sometimes we are afraid that we are strange and the thoughts we think are strange to, but with literature we start to understand not only ourselves but also the people around us and the life became more liveable.

What are you reading?

Recently I have been reading a lot of books at the same time, and this is not a habit that I recommend. For the moment I am reading the Island by Aldoux Huxley, the biography of Marina Cvetaeva and A room of one’s own by Virginia Woolf

Which quote, text will you propose to us?

I always think of some lines from Leonard Cohen’s song: „It is in love we are made, in love we disappear.A  book that  I will recommend is The Education of the Stoic by Fernando Pessoa.

Thank you very much for the interview, dear Nurie, joy and success for your great literature projects – all the best for you!

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Nurie Emrullai, poet


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