„The outlook for live performance is bleak….but stay positive!“ Deborah J.Gzesh, Schauspielerin_Wien 3.11.2021

Liebe Deborah, wie sieht jetzt Dein Tagesablauf aus?

Up around 7, 7:30….coffee and exercise. I do a combination of my life saving back exercises and a wide repertoire of dance, yoga, Feldenkrais and miscellaneous movement techniques which I have incorporated over the last five decades. Since my kids are grown, I can take the time for myself until I have to be at a rehearsal or performance. I spend the days I’m not working, swimming, walking, cooking, gardening and once in awhile babysitting…a lot of family, real retiree stuff. I try to avoid cleaning the house but am not always successful. Free evenings are spent with friends, partner, eating, drinking, going to films, theater, performances, when not in lockdown mode. In lockdown, the circle shrinks… maybe a film (rarely theater) online. Not too exciting, is it? But I prefer my drama onstage. Real life drama comes of its own accord.

Deborah J.Gzesh _ Schauspielerin, Sängerin, Produktionsleiterin, culture manager

Was ist jetzt für uns alle besonders wichtig?

We must remain positive and not become mired in cynicism and intolerance. Social media has made it so easy for every crackpot and fanatic to spew their nonsense and hate.

Vor einem Aufbruch werden wir jetzt alle gesellschaftlich und persönlich stehen. Was wird dabei wesentlich sein und welche Rolle kommt dabei der Musik, dem Schauspiel, der Kunst an sich zu?

Music, theater, art can be powerful influences if people and especially young people are exposed to it….especially live performance for which there is no substitute! I’m afraid however,that the mainstream is generally lazy and except for small pockets of rebellious youth and old hippies, most folks will end up resorting to digital enter- and infotainment. The outlook for live performance is bleak….but stay positive! (I think that’s perhaps too cynical…I know. No one said it was easy.)

Deborah J.Gzesh _ Odeon Theater Wien

Was liest Du derzeit?

Just finished „Goya“ by Lion Feuchtwanger….Now I’m trying to read „Sophies Welt“ again….but I’m very impatient.

Welches Zitat, welchen Textimpuls möchtest Du uns mitgeben?

I don’t like quotes, however….Rabbi Hillel got it when he said, „If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now, when?“ The basic precept of individual and communal responsibility.

Deborah J.Gzesh _ Odeon Theater Wien

Vielen Dank für das Interview liebe Deborah, viel Freude und Erfolg weiterhin für Deine großartigen Schauspiel-, Musikprojekte und persönlich in diesen Tagen alles Gute! 

5 Fragen an Künstler*innen:

Deborah J.Gzesh _ Schauspielerin, Sängerin, Produktionsleiterin, culture manager


12.9.2021_Interview_Walter Pobaschnig. Das Interview wurde online geführt.


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