„Artistic events are places where real exchange and meetings happen“ Desi Bonato, dancer, Vienna_7.12.2020

Dear Desi, what’s your routine at the moment?

During the current lockdown we stop rehearsing in the theater (I am currently engaged with ‚Das Off Theater‘) but we expect to go back to work from December 7th. My dance classes (I am usually teaching in two dance studios) are happening via zoom. So I am still busy from Monday till Friday teaching one or two classes a day. I am very happy about that so I can keep training with my students even thought the space where I live does not allow me to move big and propose usual exercercies. Usually, within my practices, I challenge my students to learn by watching the movements in order to stimulate their instinctive body by the visual channel rather than stimulating their rational understanding. Why? Because I believe that the body has a self intelligence and knows how to behave without the mind’s interference. Of course I implement the learning process with specific tips on the movement’s mechanic and dynamic. While teaching online classes requires a different approach because there is a filter between us, which creates a cconfusion towards directions and the clarity of the movement itself. I am developing a more efficient way of communcation therefore I take advantage of this particular situation to improve my own skills as a teacher to share my knowledge and energy even through the camera. As I mentioned, I use this ’slow’ time also to dedicate myself to certian activities I don’t usually do, I take longer walks, I read more things and I rest.

Desi Bonato, dancer, artist

What’s particularly important for us all in this moment?

What really matters in this period is to keep up the spirit! Meaning we have to keep working on ourselves and take advance of the current “slow tempo” to reflect and re-discover what our real interests are how we can still fulfill our needs. It’sa precios time to clear up our minds and dive into some practices we don’t have usually enough time for. This calm moment can for sure arise in our consciousness what are the real important and essential matters in our lives.

New start, new beginning. What will be essential and which roles will dance, theater and art play?

Dance, Art and Theaters are so important to our social community. Artistic events are places where real exchange and meetings happen. Museums, exhibitions and performances have been safe spaces for people to be together in the respect of the current security lows and I guess people are realizing how important those places are, not only for entertainment but for the social value Art gives to the environment. Art does not work for profit or for control…its aim is to reach people’s hearts and minds by talking about different topics very much conntected to our world and its events. Art has the power to inspire people on beauty which is a theme not so present anymore in everyday life. We are constantly bombarded with tragic and catastrophic facts. We need to give hope to people and prospectives for the future. What’s essential in my point of view is to keep united, keep positive and let love win over fear.

What are you reading?

I was always interested about astrology, starts and planets so I am researching and reading a lot about this matter as I am very fascinated by the universe and our cosmus. I take the material from old and new sources, mainly online.

Which quote, imput or text will you propose?

I use my own words to put the attention on a very essential concept: touch, being in contact which is extremely vital for a nation (popolo). We have to physically keep distance. But let’s not disconnect our souls. The other person is not “other from me” but I wish we could aknowledge that “the other is me”. My happiness is the result of “the other” happiness too. Let’s respect one an other, let’s help one an other, let’s not build extra distance in our hearts. Life has cycles, everything comes and goes away as history teaches us. So let’s not fear, we will make it together.

Desi Bonato, dancer, artist

Thank you very much for the Interview, dear Desi, much success for your wonderful art projects on stage and in class-online-teaching, all the best in these days!

Five questions on artists:

Desi Bonato_dancer, artist

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27.11.2020_Interview_Walter Pobaschnig. Das Interview wurde online geführt.


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