100.Geburtstag Maria Callas „Callas, as an artist, inspires me to think of a body and its abilities as limitless“ Ivana Orsolic, Tänzerin _ Wien 18.5.2023

Ivana Oršolić, Tänzerin, Choreografin _ Wien _
acting Maria Callas, Sängerin (* 2.12.1923 New York ´16.9.1977 Paris) _
 100. Geburtstag Maria Callas
Ivana Oršolić, Tänzerin, Choreografin _ Wien _
acting Maria Callas, Sängerin (* 2.12.1923 New York ´16.9.1977 Paris) _
 100. Geburtstag Maria Callas

Liebe Ivana Oršolić, welche Bezüge gibt es von Dir zu Maria Callas?

Very often I’m inspired by other artists. Opera singers can unite their musical skills with acting and movement abilities. As a dancer, is always interesting to learn and research about different physicality and what it can become in interdisciplinary context.

Du bist Tänzerin. Wie siehst Du den Körperausdruck von Maria Callas?

Just with your posture, for example, you can create a character. How you stand,where you hold your hands, where you look…Personally, I think Maria Callas was very comfortable and confident in playing those different characters while finding qualities in her body to express them.

Was macht für Dich die Aura der „Callas“ aus?

Callas, as an artist, inspires me to think of a body and its abilities as limitless. On the other hand, Maria, as a woman, reminds me to take care, rest, even step back if needed.

Gibt es ein bestimmtes Musikstück, das Du hervorheben möchtest und warum?

There is not one particular piece I would highlight.

Wie siehst Du Maria Callas in ihrem künstlerischen Weg, ihrer Entwicklung?

She was a diva, one of the greatest opera singers of the 20th century and I’msure that the road to being given this title wasn’t easy. Her instrument was her voice – her body, so as she kept changing so did her art.

Maria Callas und die Liebe. Kunst und Leben. Wie sieht da die Wechselwirkung aus?

Well, one doesn’t exist without another. – I would also add death. We can’t escape life and death and all our emotions come from love (or fear).

And art is simply a reflection of it.

Was lässt Liebe gelingen?

Not giving up. Staying curious and playful!

Wie war Dein Weg zum Tanz?

I believe I was a very expressive child and I always found joy in dancing, singingand acting. When I was five, I saw a magazine with a little girl in a dance studio and I just knew that that’s me.

Wie siehst Du Möglichkeiten für die Kunstform Tanz in Wien?

Honestly, I’m still trying to figure out how it works here. Art in Vienna is very important and highly appreciated but contemporary dance opportunities are too rare and it’s quite hard to fully commit yourself as a dancer.

Was möchtest Du kommenden Tänzerinnen auf Ihrem Weg mitgeben?

Dance is our passion, so we need to be careful when it comes to sacrifice. Take care of your body and your mental health.

Was kannst Du von Maria Callas auf Deinen künstlerischen Weg mitnehmen?

Take the time off when you need it. Reflect, detach and distance yourself from your art.

Was sind Deine kommenden Projektpläne?

My current research for a solo is human senses and I am very excited to make my first dance film on the theme: “Re-thinking our senses.”

Darf ich Dich abschließend zu einem Akrostichon bitten?




Illustrates, and



ART is domination.





Ivana Oršolić, Tänzerin, Choreografin _ Wien _
acting Maria Callas, Sängerin (* 2.12.1923 New York ´16.9.1977 Paris) _
 100. Geburtstag Maria Callas

Vielen Dank, liebe Ivana Oršolić,, für das wunderbare Fotoshooting& Interview und viel Freude und Erfolg für alle Projekte!

100. Geburtstag Maria Callas _ 2023

Ivana Oršolić, Tänzerin, Choreografin _ Wien __acting Maria Callas, Sängerin (* 2.12.1923 New York ´16.9.1977 Paris)

Zur Person _ Ivana Orsolic, born in 1996 in Zagreb, Croatia, Ivana started her professional dance education at early age. After graduating Art Schools Silvija Hercigonja and Franjo Lučić, she spent one year at Academy of Dramatic Arts Zagreb. In 2020 she graduated from Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna (MUK), receiving a Bachelor of Art in contemporary dance and ballet. During her studies she intensely worked with choreographers such as Esther Balfe, Eldad Ben Sasson, Alberto Franceschini, Chris Haring and Mani Obeya, as well as spending her internship in Scottish Dance Theater and Croatian National Theater Rijeka. As a freelance dancer Ivana works between Austria and Germany and has performed on stages such as MuTh, Theater an der Wien, Volksoper, Werk X, Theater Arche, Theatre Patraix and Staatstheater Augsburg. She is a dancer and artistic assistant for platform Choreoloop, based in Augsburg, German Fotos_Walter Pobaschnig 4_23 _ Schloss Schönbrunn/Gloriette

Maria Callas, Sängerin (* 2.12.1923 New York ´16.9.1977 Paris)

Interview&alle Fotos _ Walter Pobaschnig

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