„Give me a lullaby, to let a dictator fall asleep“ Verena Stauffer, Schriftstellerin _ Give Peace A Chance _ Wien 19.2.2023


Give me a lullaby, to let a dictator fall asleep
It should be about a man who wins over all countries
Viaducts, rivers, seas, silver, lithium, hills, salt and veal
Everything he would need, to have an endless reign set

Pacifism has not brought any end to any reigns of emperors
Endless man and woman had to let their life go to bring the
Aggressors down. It was not Peace which brought Peace
Count the butterflies, the birds, the rabbits, foxes and wolfs
Endless Admirals fluttering to carry the world away, but

Admiral, where will you endure this winter? Where to fall asleep?

Counting the lost soldiers of your company, or the ones still alive?
Hustling like a dying Admiral, remembering the frozen pain of a small boy
A winterly childhood without the warm laughter of parents and grandparents
Neither of them in a tree shadowed summer garden, spitting cherry stones
Caressing babies, gathering apples and blueberries from heavy branches
Endless nights telling each other winters tales of a dictator peacefully asleep

Verena Stauffer, 13.2.2023

Fotos_Walter Pobaschnig

Foto_Admiral (Schmetterling) Christian Fischer

Verena Stauffer, Schriftstellerin

Give Peace A Chance_Akrostichon for peace:

Verena Stauffer, Schriftstellerin


Fotos_Walter Pobaschnig

Foto_Admiral_Christian Fischer.

Walter Pobaschnig _ 13.2.2023


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