„Give your child a better place“ Nurie Emrullai, poet _ Give Peace A Chance _ Kichevo/North Macedonia 14.1.2023


Give your child a better place,

Indeed, let me listen to your heartbeats.

Very loud is the voice of John Lennon, as he sings „Give peace a chance“,

End, oh, I beg you, end this bay for blood.

Pale faces come and visit my dreams,

End my fate, before I start to breath.

Aeriel- that’s how my life is, aeriel- that’s how my death will be.

Come closer and look me in the eyes

End this bay for blood and cry.

Aeriel- we will be tonight.

Closer to the divine, that’s where we all belong.

Hope you can notice the light

And just that moment we can save the world.

Never turn your back to the sun

Come closer sing the song of doves.

End this bay for blood and cry.

Nurie Emrullai, 13.12.2022

Nurie Emrullai, poet

Give Peace A Chance_Akrostichon for peace:

Nurie Emrullai, poet


Walter Pobaschnig _ 13.12.2022.


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