„Every photo has it’s value, because it holds the time“ Maxym Kozmenko, photographer _ Ukraine 11.12.2022

Ukraine 2022 _
all photos by Maxym Kozmenko, photographer, photojournalist, Ukraine.
Maxym Kozmenko, photographer, photojournalist, Ukraine.

Lieber Maxym, wie sieht jetzt Dein Tagesablauf aus?

Dear Maxim, what`s your routine at the moment?

My day starts with a cup of coffee and hot news from the frontline in Ukraine. Than I take the camera and go to my workplace, where I search any information about situation in Chernivtsi and region. If there is something interesting and newsfull, I go and take pictures. The day ends with playing with my kids.

Was ist jetzt für uns alle besonders wichtig?

What`s now particularly important for all of us?

We should stay honest and chierful. Strong and brave. In this hard days for my country the people of Ukraine struggle for their freedom, for their lifes. And we are very greatful to those nations who support our fight. All of them are brave and honest in their position.

Vor einem Aufbruch und Neubeginn werden wir jetzt alle gesellschaftlich und persönlich stehen. Was wird dabei wesentlich sein und welche Rolle kommt dabei der Fotografie, der Kunst an sich zu?

New start, new beginning. What will be essential and which roles will fotografie, art play?

The power of photography is undoubtly high. Capturing the moment, which exists right here and right now, photographer creates the history. No matter is it a street photography from a small peaceful town or is it a reportage from the warzone. Every photo has it’s value, because it holds the time and space in one concrete picture.

Today photography plays the key role in the journalism. Just one photo can strenghen the article with a thousand of words. And I see how it works. From the beginning of the fullscale agression by russian forces in Ukraine I photographed the huge crowd of people at the state border, I made reportages about displaced Ukrainians who will never come back home anymore, I pictured soldiers who lost their legs and arms at the war, I was shooting funerals of killed Ukrainian warrios, and I saw through the lens the happiness of people at the liberated areas in Ukraine. Photography gave me ability to show to the world what is happening in my country.

Was liest Du derzeit?

What are you reading currently?

The huge number of the news articles goes at the first place. And when I am exhausted with information I open Tolkien’s „Silmarilion“ and flee to the imagineable world.

Welches Zitat, welchen Textimpuls möchtest Du uns mitgeben?

Which quote, text will you propose to us?

„The biggest lost is the lost of time“, said Ukrainian philosopher Hryhoriy Skoworoda. And he was right.

Maxym Kozmenko, photographer,
photojournalist, Ukraine.

Thank you very much for the Interview, dear Maxym, all the best for your great fotowork and all the best in these days for you, your family, your country!

Five questions on artists:

Maxym Kozmenko, photographer,
photojournalist, Ukraine.

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