„Growing respect between people all over the world“ Andrea Narten, Tänzerin _ Give Peace A Chance _ Wien 15.11.2022


Growing respect between people all over the world

Is my big wish which is coming from my heart.

Values like love, support, cooperation are making people more sunny.

Evaluation means not power, greed, wars and money.

Playing, dancing, singing, painting, hugging, loving,

Enjoying of stories.

And walking in the nature, meeting friends families, free people of their worries.

Celebration of life with music and dance calms our souls.

Each other we can make the world better and these are the real goals.

Ability to create, to love, lo heal, to learn, to change, to feel!

Courage to stop the wars all over the world is a big deal.

Heritage of our ancestors we have to challenge and understand.

A small flame of respect and love glows bright when we give each other a hand.

NO WAR because of big ego and greed!!!

Carrying of simple people is our need!!!

Earth wants to feel life and joy not that we want it to destroy.

Andrea Narten, 30.10.2022

Andrea Narten_Tänzerin, Choreographin, Autorin

Give Peace A Chance_Akrostichon for peace:

Andrea Narten, Tänzerin, Choreografin, Autorin


Alle Fotos_Walter Pobaschnig 11_22

Walter Pobaschnig _ 30.10.2022.


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