„focus on our lives and build a future“ Andrea Massaria, musician _Triest 28.3.2022

Dear Andrea, what`s your routine at the moment?

At the moment when I’m not around for concerts and I’m not teaching at the conservatory of Venezia I study music, I read a lot and I play basketball, I try to take care of my mind, my soul and my body…

Andrea Massaria, musician

What`s now particularly important for all of us?

In this very difficult period for all of us in my opinion is very important not to allow problems and circumstances to interrupt our journey … focus on our lives and move in the direction in which we want to go and build a future that is worth fighting for …

New start, new beginning. What will be essential and which roles will music and art play?

I answer you talking about my trio’s conception…I love playing in a trio and I love non-idiomatic improvisation in a trio… …the trio is a „poor“ formation where the „color“ is almost completely missing …. and for me it is something very similar to black and white photography… …and, just as black and white photography suggests much more than reality, not by showing it but by pointing it out, so the trio suggests much more than timbres and their richness, not by making them heard but only imagined… ..one finds oneself (I find myself) improvising in a trio, in a sort of limbo where reality, things, feelings are suspended…suspended, not cancelled as music for trio does not forget reality but suspends it momentarily while keeping it always present… …the real is there, behind the door…you can perceive it…but fortunately, in the not fictitious and honest improvisations, this aspiration to perfection is never realized… …the art of the unspoken and the suggested is the true essence of the black and white trio….the role of the art…

What are you reading?

I am currently reading „Beyond Biocentrism“ by Rober Lanza and „Wabi Sabi“ by Tomas Navarro

Which quote, text will you propose to us?

Two quotes of mine…the worst enemy of efficiency is a lack of limits…and…getting what you set out to do isn’t as important as the kind of person you’ve become in pursuit of it….

Andrea Massaria, musician

Thank you very much for the Interview, dear Andrea, much success for your wonderful music projects, all the best in these days!

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Andrea Massaria, musician



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