„I think we all realize that what makes us “us” is contact“ Jasmin Avissar, dancer_Wien 27.1.2021

Liebe Jasmin, wie sieht jetzt Dein Tagesablauf aus?

How is your daily routine now?

I try to keep to my outer structure in life, so I dont lose the feeling of self. Of course being a mother helps because you are busy taking care of family and that is by itself structured. I concentrate on development of projects, keeping in contact with the people I love and of course like all others, books and netflix.

Jasmin-Avissar dancer choreographer _ Foto _ Leonid Khromchenko

Was ist jetzt für uns alle besonders wichtig?

What is currently especially important for all of us?

I can talk only about myself. I try to keep my focus on constructive thoughts. On finding ways to fulfil my way and not succumb to numbness or the feeling of being lost. I talk mainly artistically. The outer challenges pushed me from one side to re-evaluate and from the other, to confirm a lot of my life choices and artistic way.Through overcoming restrictions that are posed on us, I found ways to develop and expand my artistic language.

Vor einem Aufbruch werden wir jetzt alle gesellschaftlich und persönlich stehen. Was wird dabei wesentlich sein und welche Rolle kommt dabei dem Tanz, der Kunst an sich zu?

We are all in a process of departure (or new awaking) personally and societal. What is of importance in this process and what role does dance and art as such play in it?

I think we all realize that what makes us “us” is contact. Intellectually, creatively, emotionally and physically. I think we need to find the balance between dealing with the challenges in front of us as a society, locally and globally and in the same time not lose the sense of what we are: As a dancer, it became even more clear to me – we are not humans if we do not touch. Figuratively and literally. Touch is the most basic and profound form of communication. And for me, art is a vessel for that communication. It mirrors who we are and offers a way towards where we are going.

Was liest Du derzeit?

What are you currently reading?

A lot of news articles, especailly about the political situation in Israel, bt also local news. Poetry, theater texts for my work and I always come back to my favourite author – David Grossman

Welches Zitat, welchen Textimpuls möchtest Du uns mitgeben?

What quote, what text impulse do you want to share?

Fearlessness is what love seeks. Love as craving is determined by its goal, and this goal is freedom from fear.

Hanna Arendt

Vielen Dank für das Interview liebe Jasmin, viel Freude weiterhin für Deine großartigen Tanz-, Kunstprojekte und persönlich in diesen Tagen alles Gute! 

Thank you very much for the interview, all the best for your art projects and also personally best wishes!

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Jasmin Avissar dancer, choreographer

Jasmin Avissar | Choreographer (jasmin-avissar.net)

Foto _ Leonid Khromchenko

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