„Dance has the power to spread awareness“ Ivana Orsolic, Tänzerin, Choreographin _ Wien 5.5.2023

Hi Ivana, what`s your routine at the moment?

I don’t really have a particular routine, as my schedule changes from day to day. What I wish my daily routine to be: quick morning swim in the sea (cold shower will do too…), long coffee, functional training / yoga, artistic research /rehearsals, catching up with friends and family, then little bit of nothing and in the evening performing or watching performances.

Ivana Orsolic, Tänzerin, Choreographin

What`s particularly important for us all at this moment?

Healing – finding new, less painful solutions.

New start, new beginning. What will be essential and which roles will dance/theatre and art play in society?

Theater is my reality. It’s this parallel universe that helps us survive the one we’re in. I believe it is essential in our society. Word “essential” was in recenttimes detached from art and dance. But being physically active and socializing is essential. Dance is a form of political activism – artists expressing, exploiting, demonstrating with their own bodies. Dance has the power to spread awareness, motivate, heal and empower.

What are you reading currently?

“The Road to Happiness” by Jorge Bucay

Which quote, text will you propose to us?

As I’m reading Bucay now, one from him: “Stories help children sleep but also to wake up adults.”

Ivana Orsolic, Tänzerin, Choreographin

Vielen Dank für das Interview liebe Ivana, viel Freude und Erfolg weiterhin für Deine großartigen Tanz- Kunstprojekte und persönlich in diesen Tagen alles Gute! 

5 Fragen an Künstler*innen:

Ivana Orsolic, Tänzerin, Choreographin

Choreographie&Tanz&Styling _ Ivana Orsolic,

Zur Person _ Ivana Orsolic, born in 1996 in Zagreb, Croatia, Ivana started her professional dance education at early age. After graduating Art Schools Silvija Hercigonja and Franjo Lučić, she spent one year at Academy of Dramatic Arts Zagreb. In 2020 she graduated from Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna (MUK), receiving a Bachelor of Art in contemporary dance and ballet. During her studies she intensely worked with choreographers such as Esther Balfe, Eldad Ben Sasson, Alberto Franceschini, Chris Haring and Mani Obeya, as well as spending her internship in Scottish Dance Theater and Croatian National Theater Rijeka. As a freelance dancer Ivana works between Austria and Germany and has performed on stages such as MuTh, Theater an der Wien, Volksoper, Werk X, Theater Arche, Theatre Patraix and Staatstheater Augsburg. She is a dancer and artistic assistant for platform Choreoloop, based in Augsburg, German

Fotos_Walter Pobaschnig 4_23 _ Schloss Schönbrunn/Gloriette

Walter Pobaschnig _ 23.4.2023


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