„raise the volume on love and keep our focus on kindness“ Kristin Bjork Kristjansdottir, musician_Stokkseyri, Iceland 14.2.2023

Dear Kristin, what`s your routine at the moment?

When I wake up I think of a few things that I’m grateful for and step into the day with the intention of making it a good one.

Most days I hit a Yoga class at noon and I try and catch the sunset in the afternoon on the black beach behind my house. The skies have been exceptionally beautiful lately and I love taking pictures on my walks. I’m mostly on holiday so the day is mostly spent with loved ones and Christmas acts. I’m also directing an animator who is working on my new film, „Flowers to The Bone.“

Kristin Bjork Kristjansdottir _
composer, musician, regisseurin, visual artist.

What`s now particularly important for all of us?

To take care of ourselves and our loved ones, raise the volume on love and keep our focus on kindness, thereby amplifying its presence in the world. Not to give power to fear.

„A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love.“ A Course in Miracles

New start, new beginning. What will be essential and which roles will music, film, art play?

I think we could all benefit from softening up and melting into more childlike energies and awe. That’s what music, art and film can do for us.

What are you reading currently?

I am reading texts by an Icelandic mystic called Gretar Fells.

Which quote, text will you propose to us?

Let’s not allow unsaid words have power over us.

Kristin Bjork Kristjansdottir _
composer, musician, regisseurin, visual artist.

Vielen Dank für das Interview liebe Kristin, viel Freude und Erfolg weiterhin für Deine großartigen Musik-, Filmprojekte und persönlich in diesen Tagen alles Gute! 

Thank you!

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Kristin Bjork Kristjansdottir _composer, musician, regisseurin, visual artist


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13.12.2022_Interview_Walter Pobaschnig. Das Interview wurde online geführt.


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