„we should all be aware of the real human values“ Djanay Tulenova, Violinistin _ Wien 24.10.2022

Liebe Djanay, wie sieht jetzt Dein Tagesablauf aus?

It’s very busy at the moment, preparing with my Rubik Quartet for the Haydn Chamber Music Competition and also working as a concertmeister at VBW. Also preparing for the upcoming French CD with Duo “Beauvoir”, a project with my dear friend and pianist Noa Kleisen and trying to finish my music management course.

Djanay Tulenova, Violinistin

Was ist jetzt für uns alle besonders wichtig?

Staying sane, thinking critically, be kind and appreciative. I can’t speak for all people but I personally think, today, with the war situation in the world, we should all be aware of the real human values, stay truth to ourselves and be conscious about hypocrisy. It’s a difficult time for all of us, full of cruelty, racism and propaganda. We can stand by only if we will stay truth to our values as humans and always be aware that there are people who needs help and have way worse live situations than us. It is a luxury to indulge in aesthetics such a music and art from a position of comfort and safety. We tend to easily forget how blessed we are, having a roof, food, friends, work and music in our lives, whereas a lot of people live in a harsh reality where music and art are only brief escapes instead of luxury to be enjoyed. And read, read and read, to educate ourselves and have sources to build our own opinion and judgment.

Vor einem Aufbruch und Neubeginn werden wir jetzt alle gesellschaftlich und persönlich stehen. Was wird dabei wesentlich sein und welche Rolle kommt dabei der Musik, der Kunst an sich zu?

The tumultuous time of pandemic should make musicians feel both modest and proud. Firstly modest, because during times of crisis it is the nurses, the scientists, the suppliers of food and necessities that have proven to be essential to all of us. However, we as musicians can be proud that within a society that has secured our survival and our basic needs, we add beauty and meaning to our existence.

Was liest Du derzeit?

Simone de Beauvoir “Second Sex”

Welches Zitat, welchen Textimpuls möchtest Du uns mitgeben?

Don’t get bitter – get better!

Djanay Tulenova, Violinistin

Vielen Dank für das Interview liebe Djanay, viel Freude und Erfolg weiterhin für Deine großartigen Musikprojekte und persönlich in diesen Tagen alles Gute! 

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Djanay Tulenova, Violinistin

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16.10.2022_Interview_Walter Pobaschnig. Das Interview wurde online geführt.


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