„Going nowhere on a pretty fast bicycle“ Martina Hefter __Schriftstellerin _Give Peace A Chance _ Leipzig 16.3.2022

G oing nowhere on a pretty fast bicycle

I thought about being a peaceful sloth

V ery much longing to go nowhere as I went nowhere

E ven there was an aim, but you never should name the aim

P erfectly forgotten I had that I was not a peaceful sloth

E ven not an aggressive one, I was no sloth at all

A nd had no chance to live as it, moving slow and low

C ause I am a human, humiliating everything

E ver comes in my way,


C ause I am a human, human, human

H aunting all the peaceful creatures

A round, sloths, turtles, trees, the nice green grass

N o one is safe from me, I am a monster

C hasing my own nice dreams of something like peez.

E nd (this means end of the poem).

Martina Hefter, 14.3.2022

Martina Hefter __Schriftstellerin

Give Peace A Chance_Akrostichon for peace:

Martina Hefter __Schriftstellerin _Leipzig

Martina Hefter __Schriftstellerin

Fotos_1 Alena Sternberg; 2 Sascha Kokot.

Walter Pobaschnig _ 14.3.2022.


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