„Gone are the brothers“ Rhea Krcmarova, Schriftstellerin _ Give Peace A Chance_ Wien 30.12.2022


Gone are the brothers who fathered the missiles  /  In their cathedrals the sisters will  rise / Victory tends to her garden once more and / Eris-ová yawns and cuts open her eyes

Pain picks it’s seeds from the blood of the missing / Enemy fire lies shallow and rare / All souls and hallows are orthodox icons / Cold graves hoard secrets they may never share

Earth will lay bare on the belly of Dola  / All that is left is what Mokosh will cry / Czernobog turns into open horizons /  His brother Belobog threatens the sky

Add one more skull on the fence of the Baba / Night rides and Yaga will straddle her broom / Cauldrons will fill and then empty their visions / Everyone´s  daughter will bury her doom

Rhea Krcmarova, 5.12.2022

Rhea Krcmarova, Schriftstellerin und transmediale Textkünstlerin_ Selbstporträt

Give Peace A Chance_Akrostichon for peace:

Rhea Krcmarova, Schriftstellerin und transmediale Textkünstlerin_ Selbstporträt

Rhea Krcmárová | Texte. Mehr. (rhea-krcmarova.com)

Fotos_Rhea Krcmarova

Walter Pobaschnig _ 5.12.2022.


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